The UK last month declared a sugar tax on soft drinks to reduce obesity and diabetes, and it looks like Australia may be following in their footsteps… However, a tax that actually decreases the cost and price of healthy fresh quality foods like meats, chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, quality dairy, nuts, seeds, herbs, legumes and whole grains might be a smarter option? How do you think Government policy could improve our obesity problems? Comment below and have your say!

Are you getting enough vitamin D? This essential nutrient is vital for optimum health and can be sourced from sunlight! Get outside when you can and enjoy some sunlight, but remember that too much sunlight can also be harmful, so do it responsibly. The Cancer Council can give you more details on getting that safe and healthy sun exposure. Click here for more information.

Confused about what to eat? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! With so much information on what foods ‘should be consumed’ it sometimes gets overwhelming and confusing… Eating whole foods wherever possible is one of the most basic rules you can follow when it comes to healthy eating. For evidence based advice check out the nero wesite or see an Accredited Dietitian Nutritionist.

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