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When it comes to eating healthy on a budget majority of people believe it is impossible! However, by incorporating these tips into your week, eating healthy on a budget will become a lot easier than you first thought!


Virtually everyone believes that eating healthy is expensive! Nevertheless, people have got this totally wrong!! People these days tend to go with the easy cheap and on the go fast food option, which typically is nearly always unhealthy. However, if the consumption of unhealthy food remained to continue, down the track this option may not be the cheapest option of all… the chemicals found in fast food are poisonous to the body, which one day we will pay the price for. Causing unwanted illnesses and diseases which intern triggering outrageous medical and drugs bills! Avoiding this unnecessary life style can be eluded by simply incorporating these tips into your lifestyle.


Buy in bulk


Buying bulk foods are always cheaper than buying smaller quantities of produce. Yes, they may be expensive at the beginning, however, later it will be worth it! Buying in bulk also encourages people to cook bigger meals, this also being a great idea as we now have an extra meal for the next day! Which intern saves us buying out! Moreover, freezing the bigger batches will help you for other meals where you just don’t have time.


Shop at your local farmer’s market


Not only is this healthier option, but your produce will also be cheaper and fresher to those buying at larger supermarkets! Buying locally means that your produce has had less travel time, which normally means it will be more nutritious!


Don’t shop when you’re hungry


Shopping hungry will normally lead to overspending! As everything seems more appealing when you’re hungry, which normally leads to buying foods you would not normally purchase.


Buy more when there are sales


Buying foods when on sale will cut your grocery bill a heap! Taking advantage of food sales is important on a budget. If it’s getting past it due by date, simply freeze the produce and use it at a later date.


Make a list


Making a list will help organise your week. Moreover, will help with meal prep for the week!  It is important for those on a budget to plan your meals and snacks for the week.


Get the kids involved


Not only will your kids learn about food when they are involved with the preparation of their lunch boxes, they will also learn to take responsibility for what they eat. Pick a day in the week such as the weekend to make a variety of snacks for the week. This can be a fun time for you and the kids and they are more likely to become more adventurous with food.


Check the fridge and pantry


Before you make your list, check the fridge and pantry. Chances are you could already have some of the ingredients you need and nothing goes to waste!


Try Batch cooking


When cooking a meal, sometimes it’s a good idea to make bigger batches, which can be either frozen or eaten as left overs the next night. Left overs are also great for school lunches.  However, be careful with meat dishes to avoid food poisoning. Great meal ideas to cook in batches are soups, curries and pastas.


Grow your own


If you have a garden or even a small outdoor area, you could save money by growing your own vegetables. Even a herb garden is great for always having fresh herbs on hand.


Store food correctly


Make your food last as long as possible by storing them correctly. For example, place bread in the freezer and only take out the amount you need and store cereals, biscuits, and any dry goods in jars or airtight containers. Chop up vegetables and store in containers in the fridge ready for lunch or dinners. TIP: If you place celery in a container with water it will keep crispy for longer.

By simply following these tips you will find yourself with more money in your pocket and more time on your hands. Also being prepared with healthy food for the week can take a lot of the stress out of the morning rush and you will drop your kids off at school knowing they will have a healthy nutritious lunch made with love. Not only can eating healthy be cheap, it is extremely important to keep your family healthy and happy.

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